This service provide a simple way to find your personalized Nano address directly into your browser

The addresses and private keys are generated directly in your bowser without the involvment of any servers and are not transmitted over the Internet. For additional security we still recommend that you disconnect your computer from the Internet while using this site.

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What is Nano?

Nano (XRB) is a cryptocurrency that provides in instant, feeless transactions. Nano has been previously know as RaiBlocks.

Why Nano?

Nano has no transaction fees. This particularity makes it perfect for small payouts.

Is NanoAddr safe?

Nothing on the Internet is totally safe. We strongly recommend to run the search while being offline and in private mode.

How the seed is randomly generated?

We use a generator provided by the browser directly which creates cryptographically strong random values. Crypto.getRandomValues

How can I get some Nano? is one exchange where you would be able to buy Nano.

If you want just to play around, you can use or

Where can I get a wallet?

You can use or as wallets and import the seeds you are finding on NanoAddr.